Can 4G Transform The Shape Of Worldwide Mobile Computing?

Hasil gambar untuk 4G Transform The Shape Of Worldwide Mobile ComputingTechnology seems to be developing faster than ever these days, especially when it comes to wireless technology and broadband networks. 3G has only just been rolled out through much of the developed world and there is already talk of the LTE or Long Term Evolution protocol, better recognized as broadband.

However, this is happening despite the fact that current 3G or third generation wireless technologies have only penetrated only 14 percent of the world’s 5.12 Billion mobile phone subscribers. The quantity of 3G subscribers is growing a little over 50 million a month as of September of 2010, much of which are attributed to the deployment of 3G in newer markets such as China, India and Brazil.

Snowballing demand for faster upload and download speeds and larger bandwidth capacities are probably behind this push that could change the manner we perceive technology forever.

The War Between The Standards

The evolution of mobile phone standards is categorized based on the download and upload rates for data transfer. The present technology in wide distribution right now is 3G which is short for the third generation of wireless communication technologies. 3G

Home Security Technology

Hasil gambar untuk Home Security TechnologyKeeping your family safe is your top priority. The fact remains; we live in a dangerous world. Bad things do happen. No one is truly safe, but we can try our best to remain relatively safe in an uncertain world. Part of keeping you and your family free from harm is investing in a home alarm system. That means you should also be on top of the latest security technologies and gadgets. Below, we have a review of some of the latest and most innovative products in home security on the market.

Powered Door Locks: Why waste precious time trying to lock and secure each and every door in your house? The time you lose in locking all your doors could very well mean the difference between life and death. Powered door locks save you the trouble. These operate remotely; you can command all your doors to lock at the same time. It really simplifies matters and it can be useful at night-you won’t ever forget to lock the back door again.

Secure Rooms: Think safe room for your goods. A secure room is a protected space where you can store

7 Ways to Make it Work For You – Technology and Productivity

Technology and productivity don’t always go hand in hand.  Technology can be a great tool – but it’s all in how you use it – you must be in control of it, not the other way around.

Here are 7 tips that will get you on your way to putting technology in its proper place.

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Tip #1. Acknowledge that there is a problem

This may not seem like a “tip” – but the truth is that if you don’t first acknowledge that there is a problem, decide that it’s something you want to work on, and commit to solving it, no tip is going to work. So the first step is to write down both the internal symptoms (like guilt and anxiety) and the external symptoms (like your family and friends complaining that you’re never “really there”) that you’re experiencing. This awareness probably comes and goes – writing it down forces you to acknowledge it permanently.

Tip #2. Start with just 60 minutes of freedom

Switch off your most addictive gadget for 60 minutes per day, decide exactly what you will do with that time, and schedule it

Family and the Technology

Technology – the internet, cell phones, laptops, DVD and MP3 players…the list goes on. I love technology and gadgets! They help me keep track of my kids (how did parents raise teenagers without cell phones?), they allow me to get a lot of work done efficiently (please don’t take my e-mail away from me!) and in theory, they make my life easier.

The internet has also become a great tool for ministry and missions. For example, when e-mail first came out, I remember thinking how easy it would be for missionaries to report what God was doing overseas! And more recently, I know that many people have found a church through a website. Today’s technology is quite amazing but there are some dangers to be aware of.

As useful as laptops and cell phones are, there are two things that concern me about our gadgets. One is relational, and the other informational.

Relational: We have more tools to communicate with than ever before, but are we really communicating about things that really matter? One thing technology can never replace is the importance of family dinner or worshiping with other believers. I fear that we spend too much time in virtual realities made possible

The Coolest Technologies And Gadgets In The Market

In the last few years, the personal technology industry has suddenly exploded with a special segment of innovative gadgets. These gadgets utilize existing technologies and create very interesting use cases for them. So here are some of those cool new things that are happening in the Technology market right now.

Touchscreen Technology
It has been around for quite some time now but it was Apple who suddenly came out with the multi touch iPhone. There statement was very bold – a smartphone with only one physical button. This sparked a revolution in the market and we are finally reaping the benefits in the form of multiple touchscreen based portable devices. There are touchscreen PMP’s, touchscreen tablets/slates and of course – the new generation touchscreen phones and their respective mobile OS.

For a lot of people, life without letting people know where they had their coffee would feel incomplete. And with geolocation built right on to your phone, it is easy to do that. The current crop of GPS/AGPS enabled smartphones with their collection of smart location based apps like FourSquare and GoWalla are completely changing how our real world activities interact with the virtual world.

Low Power Consuming, High Performance CPU’s

Evolution of Technology and Gadget

It wasn’t too long ago, when tiny camera’s, night vision, voice recognition technology and many more technological advances were not available to the general public. They were more suited to corporate organisations and the military who could afford it. But now, in the so called Technological age, that’s all changed. Now freely available in consumer electronics. But for a very cheap price too considering the technology.

Remember when CGI technology blew peoples minds when it was first seen. Now you probably wont see many movies without it. And remember when gadgets were exclusively for make belief secret agents such as 007 or Inspector Gadget. Now we see an entire market for gadgets for the public, from Mobile Phones to laser pens. It just shows how technology is moving along faster than an F1 race car. Why is this? It’s simple, there’s so much demand for gadgets, technology and anything that has a red LED that blinks. Companies have whole departments set on making something smaller and better at the cheapest price.

It wont be long until we find futuristic gadgets we see in movies today appearing in your local supermarket for shirt buttons. In fact even now innovation is happening, with the

New Technology and Social Media to Prepare Students For High-Tech Workplace

the-new-digital-workplace-how-enterprises-are-preparing-for-the-future-of-work-v1The Internet, along with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, are used by most college students for social networking purposes. However, increasingly, colleges are recognizing that for tomorrow’s workforce to flourish in today’s high-tech society, students need to think critically and solve workplace problems using a host of new communication and digital technologies.

In an effort to integrate new technology and social media in developing the future workforce, many tech-oriented colleges are handing out brand new iPhones and iPads to the incoming first-year students. Recognizing that collaboration and real-time participation are part of students’ lives, colleges are including new gadgets in the registration package to give students the learning tools and technology to thrive in our high-tech society.

The courses offered at universities reflect the integration of new media and technology as well. For instance, social media certification programs are commonplace in campuses throughout the US. These graduate-level certification programs for students and business professionals offer classes on such topics as the impact of social media sites on branding, advertising, marketing or the use of search engine optimization to bring in business.

Modern Devices and Gadgets for Your Homes

Modern devices and gadgets are already part of our homes these days. While most gadgets are created to prove home security, there are several companies that are dedicated in coming up with other inventions that provide comfort and convenience as well. As each day advances, technology moves forward too. These inventions make you have a smarter home.

Today, there are a handful of modern devices and gadgets that are available for every home needs. One of which is the so-called smarter thermostat. Thermostats play a big role in the heating of homes especially during the winter time. Homes without a thermostat would most likely make-do with a home furnace or a chimney to be able to protect themselves from the numbing cold winter offers. A thermostat that can automatically turn on and turn off itself according to the changes in temperature would be a big help in keeping the energy costs at home in check.

Another home gadget that people must have these days is the solar blinds that can be controlled remotely too. These blinds do not only save energy, which is the main function, but also set the mode while you are at home relaxing from a long day

Utility Items and Gadgets That Kids Love

With schools beginning after the summer break, do you plan to present new things to your kid for use in the new session to keep him enthusiastic? Are you wondering what can be of use and interest to your child. Read on to find out more.

It’s the end of summer holidays and kids are back in school. The excitement of going back to school after the long summer holidays is evident as kids frantically pack their school bags and can’t wait for the school to start. Kids want to have everything new at the beginning of a new session. A new school bag, new uniform, new stationary and so on. Kids nowadays are smarter than ever and they need products or gadgets that can suit their taste. With options galore, kids have a wide range of products to meet all their needs, whether it is to keep their food fresh or electronic gadgets like MP3 players and mobile phones to keep them amused.

Kids nowadays are more tech savvy and their needs differ according to their age. While a kindergarten kid would be happy with a new, colourful lunch box or a new school bag, kids in the older age group

Electronics and Gadgets Are Important to Our Everyday Lives

The placid, laid-back lifestyle of yesteryear is gone and passed. Today’s society focuses on doing as much as you can in the little amount of time the day allots you. Because of this, technology, gadgets, and electronics run our everyday lives. Most people wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have smart phones to check their e-mails at any time and any place, nor would they be able to keep connected to family, friends, and coworkers while they are on-the-go. Laptops, iPods, netbooks, and cell phones are luxuries we use every single day without a second thought. It is apparent that we, as a society, rely a great deal on the newest gadgets and electronics to make our lives easier and more convenient.

The list of important gadgets and electronics reaches far beyond just those for keeping up communication. As we wake up every weekday morning, it is usually to the beeping of an alarm clock. Not many individuals would make it to work on time if they had to rely on their internal body clocks to wake them up precisely at the same time every morning. While you get ready for work, you may flip on the television to